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10th April 2014
"Desperate need" for homes on sale

5th April 2014
Huge boost for self build announced

2nd April 2014
The Renewable Heat Incentive is Coming

25th March 2014
Huge boost for self build announced, Section 106 Exemption

7th January 2014
January Discount Offer

15th November 2013
Estimating Service can provide you with competitive bids as a rise in tender prices is recorded.

26th August 2014
With construction growth, companies are identifying skills shortages and construction job vacancies

22nd August 2013
Construction output growth recorded at the strongest level since 2010

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Estimating Service has been involved in the construction sector for over 30 years working for large blue chip companies such as Wilcon Homes, KingsOak and David Wilson Homes. The estimators we employ have an excellent understanding of both traditional and timber frame construction methods and have many years’ experience in the house building sector.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide value for money estimates that are extremely accurate and easily interpreted by our clients.

We take pride in our estimates and therefore provide a service to our valued customers rather than a product. We take the time to build a relationship with our clients and involve them in the estimating process.

We understand to importance of accurate estimates to ensure overheads are met and wherever possible profits are generated. In the current climate this is more important than ever. We appreciate the need to win jobs and recognise the issue of suicide bidding.

In order to help customers, in particular new clients, when we produce the first estimate we will always discuss with you labour rates. We appreciate that while we use national averages graded for regional location and project value that your rates may vary slightly. By investing in this time initially we can generate an estimate completely personal to you.


By allowing us to work alongside you, you can remove the need and cost for a full time quantity surveyor or free up your own time currently spent pricing up potential jobs to allow you to utilise your time more effectively concentrating on the job in hand.


Our estimates are produced to SMM7 standards using rates that are graded for regional location and project value to produce a Bill of Quantities format. The bill is broken down by build phase to produce a document that clearly identifies all build costs highlighting labour, material, plant and Prelims.

We appreciate that during and after the time an estimate is produced our customers will have questions, for this reason we liaise throughout the estimate process. We will always point out and clarify any queries we have from the drawings and specifications and clearly record any assumptions.

How we work

Please see below a breakdown of how our service works:

  • On agreement of quote all drawings outsourced for printing.
  • All works taken off in- line with the Architects & Engineering drawings/schedule and a Bill of Quantities is produced.
  • All rates in Bill of Quantities adjusted for project location and project value.
  • Bill of Quantities is submitted to the Contractor for review. At this point labour rates can be amended by a percentage if required.
    (These rates will then be used for any estimates going forward).
  • Profit margin mark-up discussed and agreed between Contractor and Estimating Service.
  • All rates in Bill of Quantities adjusted for any labour amendments and to include Contractors profit margin.
  • If a tender document is supplied we will populate main headings of Architects Pricing Schedule with rates from the above Bill of Quantities.
  • Documents returned to the Contractor.
  • Contractor submits Pricing Schedule together with Bill of Quantities to the Architect.
  • Contactor contacts Architect to discuss if any Client amendments are required.
  • Contractor relays Architects instructions to us.**
  • We make all the required adjustments to the Bill of Quantities and the Pricing Schedule and return to Contractor for submission to the Architect.**

At this point we can also produce a customer quotation for you if required. This would be the same Bill of Quantities and all rates would be adjusted to include your profit margin. The document would not show the labour and material costs to your client, only the quantities, rate and total. It would also be free of our company details so all you need to do is produce your covering letter and hand it to your client.

Follow up and feedback

We believe our estimates provide a complete service to our customers; we will always follow up after providing an estimate with all clients. We are always happy to offer advice and appreciate any feedback that will allow us to improve our service further.

Talk to us for a no obligation quote

If you would like to discuss your current estimating requirements with us or would like to receive a sample estimate to review please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01905 620 616.

** Post tender work involves additional fees.

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