Construction Costs

Construction Costs

The cost of employing a full time Quantity Surveyor can be unrealistic for the majority of construction businesses in the current economic climate. Outsourcing your Companies estimating and tender requirements is a cost effective method for business growth that allows you full control of business overheads. By engaging us as a supply chain partner we can provide your business with cost effective estimating services and support.

Building Costs

Building Costs

Tender price is driven by regional supply and demand factors which fluctuate on a monthly basis. Whilst material costs can remain fairly consistent, many building companies fail to adapt their pricing structure to take in to account labour rate and Prelim variables.

Estimating Construction

We work throughout the UK and can provide construction estimating solutions on a wide range of private residential and commercial projects. Whether you require an estimate for detached garage or support with a bespoke major works tender, we can assist.

Building Cost Estimator

The majority of low cost online estimators use consumer software in order to produce their estimates. Whilst the estimates produced by these programmes are easy on the eye, in many instances costs can only be adjusted be increasing or decreasing the profit percentage mark-up. Some software packages allow the end user to amend labour and material rates, which can be a tedious and time consuming affair which still doesn’t take into account company overheads.

How our Estimating Service is different

SMM7 Estimate

All of our estimates are produced in the industry standard SMM7 (Standard Method of Measurement) format and provide clear and concise outputs regarding labour, material and Prelim costs. This Bill of Quantities also acts as a resolution document in respect of any cost disputes regarding Extra Over works.



It is vitally important that any Quantity Surveyor whether directly employed or freelance, fully understands the Companies labour, material and overhead costs prior to producing estimates or tenders. We achieve and manage this aspect through regular discussion with our clients to ensure these costs remain current and correct.

Once the above consultation is complete we are then able to complete estimates and tenders on your behalf. The only variable now being profit margin, which we will discuss with you and advise on prior to finalising the estimate/tender. At this point should you require we can provide you with a client ready quotation, all rates would be adjusted to include your profit margin. The document would have labour and material costs removed so just to show quantities, rates and total. The document would also be free of our company details allowing you to hand the estimate directly to your client. We provide fast and efficient pre and post contract support with your Clients and Architects as and when it is required.

Construction Estimating Services

Our goal is to develop long-term working relationships with all our clients. Whilst we cannot guarantee that you will be successful on every estimate or tender that we produce, you can rest assured that the contracts you win will be fully inclusive of your overheads and produce a profit for your business.
Construction Estimating Services
We can provide a sample estimate for you to review and to familiarise yourself with. (Please bear in mind the rates will not be specific to your area.)

If you would like to discuss your requirements with us or speak to one of our Quantity Surveyors, please contact our Business Development Manager – Natalie Reid Alternatively you can use our request a call back form below.

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